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What You Can Do to Help Save the Hillside

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 Please print this page on your printer, and mail it to:

Sonoma Hillside Preservation Alliance
P.O. Box 305, Sonoma, CA 95476

A YES vote on measure A will stop a resort hotel on our mountain cemetery hillside

We believe that the precious land overlooking the City of Sonoma should not be given over to private developers. It's far too high a price to pay for just the promise of tax dollars. If you agree, we need your help. In any of the ways listed below. Please take a moment to read the list, and whatever you can do, check the appropriate box, complete the form, and mail it to us.
If you check the last box, we'll help you.

o     I will vote YES on Measure A

o     I will will put up a lawn sign

o     I will walk precincts

o     I will help on election day

o     I will put a Yes sign in a window to signify that you don't need to call on me, as I'm on your side.

o     I am donating $ _________ (Please make check payable to: Yes on Measure A).

o     I need a ride to the polls.

My Name, Address and Telephone Number are as follows:



Telephone Number:  (______)_________--________________

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