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What Sonoma's General Plan Says About the Hillside

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The following quotes were taken directly from the Sonoma General Plan for the years 1995 through 2005:


 "We recognize that preservation and enhancement of our natural environment is vital to our well being and that of our children." (pg. 59)

"The hillside backdrop is recognized as a distinct and important visual resource."
(pg. 157)

"The hills to the north of Sonoma provide a unique scenic amenity and serve as a permanent 'greenbelt' to the north." Most of the hillside areas that can be seen from vistas in the community are outside the existing city limits and the sphere of influence, with the exception of the Mountain Cemetery, which lies directly to the north of the Veterans' Building and Arnold Field (see Land Use Plan in the Community Development Element).

"The hills to the north are of particular importance in that they not only are a scenic resource but have high habitat value. These habitats are the resource for and provide a physical connection to open space within the city limits."
(pg. 162)

"The protection and provision of open space should be an integral part of Sonoma’s design."
(pg. 59)                                                                                                                                    (pg. 59)
"Open space areas should be accessible and should be linked with trails and bikepaths."
(pg. 59)                                                                                                                    (pg. 59)
"Sonoma is fortunate in that the hills and adjacent agriculture provide a natural greenbelt. This greenbelt not only serves as a visual amenity but plays an important role in defining Sonoma’s character."
(pg. 59)

"The City shall work with the County, the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission, and other organizations to ensure protection of the greenbelt surrounding the City."
(pg. 64)

"Development shall be prohibited on ridgelines and the design of residential development on hillsides shall be strictly controlled to avoid excessive grading and visual impacts."
(pg. 64)

"Habitats that support threatened, rare or endangered species…shall be preserved."
(pg. 65)


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