1948 Authentic Smokey Bear Poster Stamp Page
U.S. Goverment, Church & State Religious Artifact
Original Quality, Full Sheet of 56 Stamps
...and please make people careful, amen
Rember Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
U.S. State Forest Services
the Sbr 9 is 9½ x 9½ Roulette, Sbr9a is 11 x 11 perforations,
the 9a shows to be both types, round hole perforated,
Quantity Issued 8,008,000 by the U.S. State Forest Service
SUPER Wall Art Display Item, Bright Colors, Very Unique
Church & State In Prayer with Smokey Bear
Printed by the U.S.A. by the G.P.O.

   1948 Smokey Bear

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