lot 80 Smokey Bear OWL 1964 Art Poster Stamp Sheet
Poster Stamps LIKE NEW, 1 Full Page, 80 Stamps
U.S. Prevent Forest Fires, 12½ x 12½ perforation
1 Page 80ct 1964 Very Rare & Lovely when Framed
"Prevent Forest Fires " 1964 Bright Vivid Colors
Stamp # Sbr 33 Sbr 34 * Picture Type T 33 & 34
1964 Sbr 33 & 34 Mint ConditionUnited States Government Print Office
United States Department of Agriculture
and your State Forestry Department
Union Made In The U.S.A.

1st edition Printings
Limited Edition

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A Quality Forest Fire Prevention Item, Unique Collectible, a U.S.A. GPO Printing.
It's Un-framed, Please Use Professional Antique Stamp Art Wall hanging Display Materials

If I make a mistake I make it good, with a return or refund. Use PayPal! See Close-up AD

$75.00 + FREE S&H in the U.S.A.

$75.00 + $24.50 S&H World Wide

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