Resume for Ed Bach "Now working for GOD"
My prayers go to all who knew him, bless him, and you.
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                    Edward Bach
HEIGHT: 5' 11'  HAIR: BROWN                                     
WEIGHT: 160     EYES: BLUE                                       

Television                                     Advertisements
The Challenge (TV Movie)    Featuring        Ford Bronco (Photo Shoot)
The Young Rebels              Co-Star         Voice - Over
Mission Impossible            Co-Star          Planet of the Apes  Twentieth Century Fox
Man In The City (Anthony Quinn) Co-Star        Tora, Tora, Tora   Twentieth Century Fox
Owen Marshall                 Co-Star          Tarzan (Cartoon)   Filmation Studio
Mod Squad                     Co-Star          Commercials
Columbo                       Co-Star          *Folgers Coffee
Chase (Jack Webb Production)  Guest Star       Nestle's Quick
Monty Nash (Two Episodes)     Guest Star       Crocker Citizen Bank
Future Cop                    Co-Star          Jar Beer
                                               Formosa Beer
Henry V                         Henry              Tyrone Guthrie Theater
The Birthday Party              Stanley            Hollywood Theater (Mary Carver)
Death Of A Salesman             Biff               Hollywood Theater
The Possessed                   Stavrogen          Mark Taper Forum
Rosencrantz & Guildenstem       Guildenstem        L.A. Garden Theater Festival
The Tempest                     Calaban            Shakespeare Society of America - L.A.
You Can't Take It With You      Grandpa            Tin Barn Theater - Monterey
Man With A Flower In His Mouth  Old Man            Tin Barn Theater
The Lower Depths                Peppel             Tin Barn Theater
J.B.                            Zuss               Tin Barn Theater
Billy Budd                      Billy              East side Theater (St. Paul)
Night Must Fall                 Danny              East side Theater
The Nightingale                 Psing Pe           Minnesota Children's Theater Co.
Sleeping Beauty                 Prince             Minnesota Children's Theater Co.
The Fantastics                  Boy                Minnesota Children's Theater Co.
*selected for "Greatest Commercials of T.V." Johnny Carson Productions

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