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Sonoma Valley Computer GroupMOTTO: TO EDUCATE | INFORM | ENTERTAIN

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Map to Sonoma Valley Public Library


FREE Wireless Access
at the Library

Sonoma Valley Public Library, in partnership with the Sonoma Valley Computer Group, offers the public free assistance with how to use computers for online learning.

Club is currently on hiastus.



  • Your library card
  • Wireless-enabled laptop or PDA, or your own wireless card installed
  • A fully charged battery


  • IP address and geteway: Obtain automatically (DHCP)
  • Network name (SSID): Sonoma County Library
  • Type in your email address - that's it!


SVCG is a registered user group. Check out the MUG info.

Imagine all the people... the possibilities of what you can do online are limitless!
About Us | Newsletter | Contact Us | Resources | President's Message | Reviews

2013 SVCG
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