The one big problem putting together this list of DTP and graphics-related Internet sites is thinking of what to leave out. As there is so much available, I've spent too much time searching and viewing and I've almost run out of time to write this article. So without any further delay, here's a round-up, in no particular order, of what the WWW has to offer for those of us interested in DTP, graphics or publishing.

Adobe includes information on Photoshop, PageMaker and Illustrator. Tutorials, demos, Plug-in filters and program updaters can all be downloaded. For further PageMaker sites try the PageMaker FAQs Jumplist at

Photoshop Sites are found at, Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop, Photoshop f/x Online Companion phshpfx/index.htm, and Mock's Place, all feature Photoshop information and tutorials, free Plug-in filters and extra brushes can be downloaded too. MetaTools looks like no other web site and is a must for all Photoshop users. feature their range of Windows DTP software, including PagePlus3. Available as free downloads are fully working versions of both PagePlus Intro and DrawPlus Intro.

For QuarkXPress information and free Xtension add-ons (including Bobzilla and Thing-A-Ma-Bob) try Quark Systems Inc. The world's most complete collection of Quark Xpress extensions, updaters and other information is at Xchange Online! who publish add-on Xtensions for Xpress are at and The Xpresso Bai features articles on Xpress with many links to related sites.

Polaroid have an excellent 'must see' site, packed with details of instant film systems, their history, and creative uses. Kodak includes a digital image and PhotoCD sample archive.

Windows Shareware World is the first place to visit for Windows shareware., for the Mac, try, or Once you have downloaded your files, you may need to decode them. Aladdin Systems features their range of such utilities, and STUFFIT-Lite is available as a free download. It can decode or uncompress almost any Mac or PC file you'll find on the Internet.

For fonts and typography:
Typofile Magazine The Internet Typeface Design Project The Internet Font Browser The Internet Font Archive The Comp Fonts Home Page http:'' They are all worth a visit. For the very latest trends in type and typography, try both FUSE95:Forum for Experimental Typography and

One of my favorite sites, and another 'must see' is Graphion's Online Type Museum The Old Phototypesetter Tales section is a fascinating history of type-setting, recalling the early days, through to the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, then coming right up to date with the latest technologies.

Oblivion Grafix, DTP Internet Jumplist, Get Info, Prepress and DTP Center, and Graphics News are all great places for DTP and prepress information, and most feature add-ons to download for the popular software packages.

Newsgroups are a very good source of DTP information, and offer a question and answer format. There are many available, including Postscript issues news:comp.lang.postscript, Desktop publishing news:comp.text.desktop, FrameMaker news:comp.text.frame, Prepress issues news:comp.publish.prepress, Fonts and type news:comp.fonts, Freehand news:alt.aldus.freehand, graphics, PageMaker news:alt.aldus.pagemaker, misc. graphics, and Photoshop

Images: For images try the Alt.Binaries.Pictures utility archive

Online Image Archive

Sandra's Clip Art Server

For photography Time Life has a Photo Sight gallery

Looking for interesting design or something a little different? Try Portfolio http://www.nois.nll/portfolio for a showcase of designers' work, or ReZ.n8 for a very different approach to web design.

Operating Systems:
For general help on operating systems, Macintosh Tips and First Aid, and The Windows 95 Home Page are useful.

The Editorial Eye includes information and guides for editors, reporters, or just about anyone involved in writing or publishing, whether print or electronic based.

Freehand, Director or Fontographer users will find plenty of hints and tips at Macromedia!, with plenty of add-ons to download too.

High end scanning and output systems are covered by Linotype-Hell, Silicon Graphics showcase their graphics workstations and have plenty of freebies to download. Alias Wavefront feature 3D modelling and rendering software. A superb site for anyone interested in scanning is based upon the book "Make Your Scanner a Great Design and Production Tool", covers all you need to know to start scanning, and plenty of great creative ideas too.

Now, and with nothing to do with DTP, two sites which were a big distraction during my searching. Friends! is great fun if you like the TV show of the same name. Face on Mars is a very interesting site, based around space probe images on Mars, that seem to show giant face shaped craters on the planets surface, visit the site for the full story!

Finally, please feel free to contact me at I welcome any feedback, and if you have any DTP-related questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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