Renderings by David Pitzer

All of the images here were modeled in AutoCAD Release 13 and rendered with AccuRender.

B-52G: A B52G aircraft in its maintenance hanger. The basic B52 model is from the Viewpoint collection.
I had to add the landing gear and doors. The hanger "lights" are actually materials with a "glow" attribute.
AGM 86 "cruise" missiles are mounted below the wings.



Landing: This is a full-scale model of a Boeing 747 from the Viewpoint collection. The mountains and buildings
in the background are actually only about a 1000 yards in the distance. Note in particular the "cones"
of light coming from the landing lights.


Relativ: This model is taken from the 1953 woodcut Relativity by M.C. Escher. In this adaptation, a youth carrying a book is seen both ascending and descending the various staircases. One interesting aspect of the model is that it may be viewed effectively from three orientations (but not four!) by turning the page ninety degrees. Of this scene Escher wrote: "In this picture three gravitational forces operate perpendicularly to one another. Men [boys]
are walking crisscross together on the floor and stairs. Some of them, though belonging to different
worlds, come very close together but can’t be aware of each other’s existence."


Space15: A model based on early drawings of the International Space Station (ISS) from NASA. The background (including film border) is from NASA. The flare from the solar panel was added with Adobe PhotoShop.


Space3: This model started as an exercise in solid modeling and grew into this image -- the most frequently reproduced AutoCAD image in history. The background bitmap is from NASA and shows the eastern tip
of Long Island (top), Nantuckett and Martha’s Vinyard Islands and Cape Cod (directly beneath the
space station. McNeel&Associates (makers of AccuRender) have used a slightly modified version
of this model in their advertisements for the last year.


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