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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Monday April 10, 2000 -- Lightly Attended Day, Water park not open
16 Rides on 13 Different Attractions  Including dual rides on Goliath, Batman and Superman

Every 5 years my nephew Paul and I split our birthdays by visiting someplace FUN.
Between my 40th and his 30th we went with the ladies to Disneyland.
This time, between 45 and 35, it was just us guys, and we picked the park with The Greatest Coasters,
Six Flags Magic Mountain, 175 miles South of where Paul lives.
I had been there many times in the 70s (remember Bloop the Troll?), maybe once in early 80s.
This is a Great Coaster Park, Best in the West, and the visit was Absolutely Fantastic.

Click to see SFMM001.jpg
Mitch at the entrance to Goliath
Apr 10 2000
10:50:43 AM
Click to see SFMM002.jpg
Superman Up and Away
Apr 10 2000
11:29:49 AM
Click to see SFMM003.jpg
On the way to Batman
Apr 10 2000
11:45:19 AM
Click to see SFMM004.jpg
Paul with the Bat Mobile
Apr 10 2000
11:46:15 AM
Click to see SFMM005.jpg
Batman Rocks and Rolls
Apr 10 2000
11:50:07 AM
Click to see SFMM006.jpg
One Cool Ride
Apr 10 2000
12:27:54 AM
Click to see SFMM007.jpg
Paul wondering if he is
Too Tall for Riddler
Apr 10 2000
12:34:09 AM
Click to see SFMM008.jpg
Splashed at Tidal Wave
Apr 10 2000
12:46:14 PM
Click to see SFMM009.jpg
Paul Ready to Escape
Apr 10 2000
12:52:30 PM
Click to see SFMM010.jpg
Showing off that Super Arm
Apr 10 2000
12:52:58 PM
Total Thrill Rides at SFMM
Goliath, Colossus, Batman,
Riddler, Tidal Wave,
Superman, Ninja, Viper,
Roaring Rapids, Gold Rusher, 
Revolution, Jet Stream,
between 11am and 6pm
Freefall and Psyclone were closed
I'm saving Dive Devil until I'm 50

That Coaster broke the Agfa
Apr 10 2000
1:33:50 PM
After Superman
we laughed through Ninja,
did 7 loops
on Viper***
then we did
Roaring Rapids...
If you are keeping track (check those timestamps) we did the 4 big rides, Goliath, Batman, Riddler and Superman, in just about 3 hours, plus a few mixed in between! All other rides were walk-on or near walk-on. Goliath, Batman and Superman were revisited a 2nd time.
...Where My Agfa 1280
Digital Camera
Got Very Wet*
Stopped Working**

*It was in a water resistant bag
**My New Olympus 2020 is Here and so are Examples!
***In Reality, looks like the Voilence of Viper might have damaged the Agfa.

Six Flags
Marine World
visit was Friday March 31
And to say the least
was Extremely Light
in the way of a crowd
Click to see SFMW001.jpg
Medusa at the Start
Mar 31 2000
10:59:52 AM
Click to see SFMW002.jpg
Mar 31 2000
11:10:49 AM
Click to see SFMW003.jpg
Water Fall on White Water Safari
Mar 31 2000
11:46:37 AM
Click to see SFMW004.jpg
Mar 31 2000
12:02:31 PM
Click to see SFMW005.jpg
More Roar
Mar 31 2000
12:04:38 PM
Click to see SFMW006.jpg
Monsoon Ker-Splash
Mar 31 2000
12:20:00 PM
Click to see SFMW007.jpg
No Wait for Medusa
Mar 31 2000
12:25:53 PM
Click to see SFMW008.jpg
Yet More Roar
Mar 31 2000
12:42:04 PM
Click to see SFMW009.jpg
Flamingos for Judy
Mar 31 2000
1:16:17 PM
Click to see SFMW010.jpg
New Catwalk for Boomerang
Mar 31 2000
1:25:37 PM
Click to see SFMW011.jpg
Cheetah for Sean
Mar 31 2000
2:13:32 PM
Click to see SFMW012.jpg
New Baby Tigers
Mar 31 2000
2:15:22 PM
Click to see SFMW013.jpg
Monsoon Falls
Mar 31 2000
2:31:40 PM
Click to see SFMW014.jpg
No Wait at Roar
Mar 31 2000
2:35:20 PM
Click to see SFMW015.jpg
Looney Tunes Seaport
Mar 31 2000
2:55:13 PM
Click to see SFMW016.jpg
You WILL Get Wet
Mar 31 2000
2:55:38 PM
Click to see SFMW017.jpg
Roar outside the Entrance
Mar 31 2000
3:13:03 PM
Click to see SFMW018.jpg
Mar 31 2000
3:15:24 PM
Click to see SFMW019.jpg
Mar 31 2000
3:20:51 PM
Click to see SFMW020.jpg
Mar 31 2000
3:23:38 PM

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