Perilous Plunge in Drydock!

Photos from October 2000

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Knott's Berry Farm
Have Time to Visit the Theme Parks
I Visited in Y2K?
October 19, 2000 I was able to spend a day at Knott's Berry Farm.
I think the last visit was 1995, Jaguar was just being built.
I was there for some work photos and to experience Ghostrider.
Reading what has been posted about Perilous Plunge,
and what was happening, I took some photos there too.
Come 2001 I'll be back, & hope to experience The 115' Plunge!
Not to Worry, Nobody
Getting Wet This Day

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As shot from the
Charles Shultz Theater
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Plunge33.jpg Oct 19 2000

Charles M Shultz (click for tribute strips) was a 
Sonoma County Resident
He was a great benefactor to Sonoma County
and The City of Santa Rosa 
Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)
Sonoma State University
and joy to all of us who read his strip daily
If you have been living under a rock
he also created Charlie Brown
Snoopy and all the other Peanuts Gang

What's That Boat
Doing Up There?

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Oct 19 2000
1:33:04 PM

California Harbor
Dry as a Bone

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Oct 19 2000
1:33:32 PM

The Climb
The Drop
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Oct 19 2000
1:35:26 PM

Construction Crew
Hard at Work
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Oct 19 2000
1:36:32 PM

115 Ft Drop
75 Degrees
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Oct 19 2000
1:36:58 PM

at 50 mph!

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Oct 19 2000
1:38:06 PM

Just Think What
It Looks Like
From Up There
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Oct 19 2000
1:38:39 PM

Photo of Moi
via Remote Trigger
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I'm the one on your left
Oct 19 2000
1:44:12 PM

 Six Flags Marine World &
Six Flags Magic Mountain
My Other Knott's Photos

Official Knott's Press Release
for Perilous Plunge issued Sept 2000

 Florida Parks In May

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