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Photos from Discovery Cove

Laing Family Photos

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123 FLY!
SkyCoaster at Six Flags Marine World

Up 150ft

Awww Shh*****tt

Man that was fun
Mitch with nephew Sean and bro-in-law Chris -- Sept 13 2003

God Bless America!


Too Many from Rescue One
Were Lost September 11
When everyone else
is running away
from a fire...

these people are
running into
the fire!

Support your local
fire fighters!

The Bravest
Who Were Lost 9/11

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Family Pages and Photos
Family Dates This Month
2003 Reunion Planning
 Thank You DISH NETWORK For The Test 721 Receiver!
Remember The 2003 Laing Family Reunion
Laing and Bouchard Family Photos
Lucy B left us on October 5, 2001
She was our sweet girl and we'll always Love Lucy!

Lucy Enjoying a Warm Busy July Day 
under the Shade of a Tree cooling it in the Vines
(Oh The Life She Had)

Mitch and Karen swim
with Dixie the Dolphin
at Discovery Cove

Experience Rhapsody with our Panama Canal Cruise in 1999
Click Here for Canal passage of three ships April 12, 2001
Alaska Cruise June 2001

3  Forever the Man, Forever a Fan  3


Heroes Don't Die

"This is undoubtedly one of the toughest 
announcements that I’ve ever personally had to make. 
We’ve lost Dale Earnhardt."

Another hero of mine who was lost to us... My Brother Jim Laing
...and the two looked somewhat alike too!

Theme Park Adventures
Looking for Family Photos?
They've Moved Here!
The Grump at DCA
Florida Vacations

Knotts Berry Farm

Panorama of eXtreme at
Six Flags Magic Mountain

First Drop on "X" Coaster
Please Visit a Small Memorial to Jimmy Clarke and Mahlon Laing

My Brother -- Jim Laing

View Our 1999 Rhapsody Cruise Photos featuring Food & The Canal
One Day I'll Post our 2001 Alaska Cruise Photos Here

See A Damaged Cruise Ship... $41m US$D worth of Damage!

LasVega$ -- Then and Now

An Amazing Collection of Photos
Currently being Revised

Las Vega$ Neon Museum

The Agfa gaveway for the Olympus 2020
And Now

Olympus C-3040 Z  -- An Nice Upgrade
Just Another Way To Satisfy
Your Morbid Curiosity!

The Happiest Potties
On Earth
Or At Least In
The Magical
Kingdom of
Anaheim Anyway
This has to be one of the Strangest Disney links
Link These Two Together -- Walt Disney's Final Resting Place Is NOT Holiday On Ice!

Attention Laing Family!
Click To Visit 'ol Donner Lake
and The Homestead
Enter LFR '98 Here!

What do Andrew Lloyd Webber, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Tina Arena, Air Supply,
Bonnie Tyler, Billy Squier, Yvonne Elliman, The Sisters of Mercy 
& Barbra Streisand have in common with Meatloaf?  (Click the picture!)
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– Derik D
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The Reno Rodeo is also 
Ropers Sports News Pub Link

The Bob Feist Invitational

Team Roping at it's Best

Let's Be FRANK

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Photo courtesy DiSH Network
(...or 500 channels and still nothing to watch...)

We Love Lucy!

Pictures Of The World's Most
Photographed Dog...
And Her Canine Friends

Click to see ? What Happened With The Thunderbird?
Donated to The Polly Klaas Foundation

219, 904 miles and I just don't understand why it overheated on me. (it was a good car)
The replacement T-Bird just didn't cut it
and was traded in at 100,000 miles for
the 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe LX 4WD
All The Excitement Of
Watching Some Stranger's
Home Movies!

(But Some OK Pictures)

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