Happy Birthday to the Grump!

By Courtney Elder
When I asked Courtney "What is that (missing) on top of my head" she said "Nothing." Kids!

Out Front on Medusa on my 48th

This is in Hollister, maybe 1957 before moving to Avila Beach

With Mom and Dad probably in 1964 or 1965
The last photo of me without a beard?

April 4, 2003
Dear Friends and Family
I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but this birthday is a milestone worth mentioning.
Why is that?
Because it's the birthday my mother, my father nor my brother were never able to celebrate for themselves.
Karen had a special extended weekend planned at South Lake Tahoe (Harrahs-Harveys Free Rooms!) but unfortunately work has delayed that trip two weeks, which is really no major problem.
We now plan a small gathering here in Sonoma on the weekend, probably going to one of our old favorite Off-The-Plaza Mexican restaurants (not Amigos!) with local family and friends.
I celebrate Big Number 48 for three others: Marilyn Laing, who missed too many other birthdays, plus Chuck Laing and Jim Laing -- both not with us to celebrate this special day for themselves. 
Together they missed far too many family events and special occasions, the births of some grandchildren and many birthdays they should have celebrated.
I intend to celebrate many more birthdays to come, each one with these three special people in my thoughts and always in my heart.
To each of you, all friends and extended family, I want to thank you for celebrating this special day along with me and in remembering all those who can no longer be with us except in memory and spirit.

While it's Happy Birthday to me, Mom, Dad and Jim, this one's for you!

Wishing all of you happiness and long life


Mitch, Judy and Jim in 1991

Jim and Mitch
with the original Laing Rd sign in 1986

What I Did For My Birthday... in 2001 anyway

Grizzly Peak, The Center Point of DCA
The Grump Visits Disney's California Adventure!

California Screamin' and The Sun Wheel at Paradise Pier

Holding that camera remote control, handy when going solo at theme parks.

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