Olympus C-2020 Z Burst Examples

Burst Mode Examples
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Start of Burst Shooting
12:48:25 PM
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1 Second Later
12:48:26 PM
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Add another Second
12:48:27 PM
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Splash hitting plexiglass
12:48:28 PM
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5th Shot in 5 Seconds
12:48:29 PM
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Shot before -- here is a group of people
who wait to get splashed!

12:42:05 PM

Tech Specs
All Photos shot 1024x768
SQ w/ Normal JPEG Comp.
Thumbs have been reduced to 100dpi 120x160 and compressed to be about 5-7k.
Click to Enlarge photos are 600x450, 100 dpi, also with JPEG compression.
They average 43k.
Originals are 240k avg.
Burst Photos
The Olympus 2020 will shoot 10 burst shots in 10seconds.
It then has to break to write
to the smartmedia.
Another cool option is QuickTime video.
At 160x120 it will shoot 60 seconds of QT.

These are photos from the Wave Pool at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. Using the burst mode I was able to capture the swell and break of
the 6ft wave. They use this pool to teach surfing before the water park opens. Only $125 and be there at 6am for a lesson.
Click to see Wave1.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:33 PM
Click to see Wave2.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:35 PM
Click to see Wave3.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:36 PM
Click to see Wave4.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:38 PM
Click to see Wave5.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:39 PM
Click to see Wave6.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:40 PM
Click to see Wave7.jpg
May 2 2000
4:03:42 PM 

Panorama Test of the C-2020 Z

8 Photos Stitched Together -- Follow The Steps Used to Create This Panorama -- Click to Go!

Example of the Digital Zoom Function

Here is a photo using the 1x mode
Lens setting was 77mm

This picture has been cropped in Photoshop to size similar of the photo at right -- not exact, but close

This is using the Digital Zoom
Zeroing in on the old beak at 264mm

Enlargements are at ORIGINAL Sizes so they will take a few seconds to open, but if you want to see a good test,
they need to be retained at full resolution and not reduce or altered
Link to my selected Florida Photos
Photos of Six Flags Parks Visited in 2000

All Photos ©The Laingster, 2000
      Please ask for permission to use or link anything
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