Laing Family Photos page 3
(with some Bouchard Family in here too)
Happy Kiwi Memories February 2002

Mark and Mitch
Friends since 5th grade
Hoisting Kilkenny Draught
at The Honest Lawyer
Nelson NZ

Mark, Jayne, Karen & Mitch
Walking upto the
Franz Joseph Glacier
South Island, New Zealand

Mitch and Karen on BMW
Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown, New Zealand

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Birthday Behinds

Connie Elder on her new wheels
with birthday party friends

Connie Attacks The Cake

True and his mom (Lorraine) 
going Green on the house

Shelley and True's House 
completely Painted

True Keeps Cool in HOT Paso

Sarah Rutledge and Jackson Klarsfeld
on Sandy the Whale in Pacific Grove

Jackson Hunts for Easter Eggs

Jerry and Laura chomp
down on Deviled Eggs wait, that's not Laura, 
It's DeeDee, her Sister!

Judy gets a Purple and White Bunny

Paul and The Bunny

Jerry's new choppers...
and Tammie's natural smile

What is True doing
to that poor bunny?!?!?

With her Handsome First Born

Judy, Jerry, Leon and Lorraine

Rock the Baseball Bicyclist

Multi Sport Super Dude!

Courtney Elder
In her T-Ball Uniform

Andrew Gets Honors

What's This...
An Iowa Hippie?
Peace Baby.

Please Visit a Small Memorial to Jimmy Clarke & Mahlon Laing

My Big Brother -- Jim Laing

Fun Times at Times Square
(note-- Times Square, as in 
New York Times... be nice, I work for them)

The Laing Women Invade
Ellis Island

Carole and Cindy on Liberty Island
A photo that cannot
be duplicated now

Deric (or is that Rock) Pan
Look Out Capt'n Hook!

Christine the Baby and
Sarah the Candy Corn
visiting Grandma and Grandpa
for Goodies

David and Cindy 
Christmas 2001

Mitch and Karen
(on borrowed wheels)
Ready for New Zealand Travel...
...those damn Kiwi's drive on
the wrong side of the road!

Bouchard Family Christmas
Chuck Bouchard's Back Deck
Overlooking Hidden Valley
Lake Golf Course in Middletown

Blue and Maggie
Dressed for Halloween

True on the roof of the Garage
built next to the house

Judy has New Wheels!

True has New Wheels!

Shelley makes her getaway
on the riding mower!

The Kelley's and Klarsfelds Enjoy Hawaii
(without Traci? -- someone had to take picture)

Celebrating Pat Mueting's 40th
Birthday and the 39th Birthday
of Leon Bright

The Klarsfelds At Squaw

Rick and Sarah Rutledge
on the Seadoo
towing Christine 
while Karen photographs
safely from dry land.
(Coyote Lake near Gilroy)
Jackson Alexander Klarsfeld

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Sarah Rutledge in
The Gingerbread Man Play

Christine Rutledge
Basketball Star!
Judy and Jerry Mueting's 40th Anniversary Dinner 2001
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