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(with some Bouchard Family in here too)
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Happy Abby with her First Hair Bow

Brooke in her Old Navy Gear

Brooke -- such a pretty girl
at 8 months old

Neighbor kids and the Elder kids
with Lady B

The 11th Roping is Soon

The 2002 Jim Laing Buckle
Link to Jim's Memorial Page

Greetings from Redding CA Laings
Kye (6), Koie (1) and Kegan (8)

Riding a bike can be dangerous...
he had no problem with PlayStation

Brooke Says
USA... USA...USA...

Chris Laing and his
Winterfest date Cammeo
Karen and Mitch and Dixie
Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida
Check Out The Discovery Cove Photo Page From Our Adventure

Discovery Cove Aviary

Swimming with Dixie

Parrothead at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Dixie is 26 and loves her job interacting with guests at Discovery Cove, part of SeaWorld in Orlando Florida

True and Shelley experience
Fremont Street Experience
in Downtown Las Vega$

At The Intimidators Truck
I picked up a "3" hat and flag

Fremont Street
Gang of Four

Mitch finds a BBQ Grill
Big enough for the whole fam damily

At Las Vega$ Motor Speedway before 140,000 friends fill every seat

Watching a race live is far more tiring
than watching it on TV
Abigail Ogan

Contact Mom and Dad
Contact Grandma and Grandpa Petersen
Baby Brooke!
Brooke Elizabeth Laing

7lb 15oz, 20.5", born May 21, 2002 On Mom Carla's Birthday

Chris' New Wheels
The Big Boy Toy

True Gets OLD Wheels
1967 Chevy Pickup
And a Boat for Donner Lake Too!

Shark! Shark!
At Discovery Cove

Karen does her best JOON Imitation
(without the ping pong paddle)

Mitch, Jayne and Mark
Rubicon Peak at Emerald Bay

Mark and Jayne at Squaw Valley
The perfect day to ski, but no *&!$% time 

Mark and Jayne
Married Nov 30, 2002 

Mark, Karen, Jayne, Mitch
Enjoying Brunch on the 18th floor
restaurant at Harrah's Lake Tahoe

Mitch above Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Karen and Mitch
A quick stop at Rainbow Lodge
(or Karen with the gift that won't go away?)

Shelley and True at Marine World
Standing at Medusa with Roar, V2
and Kong behind them

SLO Visits Marine World

True, Shelley, Karen and Sean
Ride Medusa

Jerry and Judy Celebrate Feb 4th
At (Where else) Jocko's

Lady* looking sweet and innocent
on Karen's new Chair
(*Mitch and Karen are "sitting" Lady)

4 Month Old Bandit
Karen and Rick Rutledge's new
Shih Tzu/Mix Puppy

Grandpa Chuck Bouchard
and the grandkids

Kathy, Karen and Michelle
give a somber dad a hug
at Christmas

Solazzi and Rutledge Christmas Cheer! 
(Karen's taking the picture, Rick's in AZ)

Chris gets the Gift that won't go away

Michelle gets the Boobie Prize --
Golf ball Monogrammer that
keeps making the rounds

Kathy gets the Gift that won't go away

Scott and Shelley Visit St Thomas
...or Caribbean Dreams In Winter

Jimmy, Tracy and Family Visit Hawaii
...or Aloha Dreams in Winter
PD, Juno, Tracy, greeter, Jimmy, Crystal

Connie and Courtney with
Rare Snow Pack in their Front Yard
... or Snow Dreams Come True in Winter

Mitch in All Access Garb
with Stephanie at 2002 Reno Rodeo
Bob Feist Invitational Roping

Gail, Karen and Judy
Playing Rummy

Big Old Tree Chronology
Judy and Gail at Armstrong Woods
in Sonoma County

Tammie, Karen and Paul at
ShoKaWah Casino in Hopland

Tim and Laura Kelley
On Their Yellowstone Vacation

Tim and Laura Fighting the Grizzly
for a fresh Salmon Dinner

Deric, Cindy and David
At a Chariton High Game

Connie, Courtney and Aunt Cathy
at the Ice Skating Rink in Sacramento

Judy and Jerry at her 40-year
Hollister High Reunion

Playing Pool Can Be Dangerous
To Your Behind

The Evil Red Devil (Angels fan)
Mad Hairdresser PurPaula
Halloween HiJinks

Want To See Something Really Scary?

Courtney and Sean on Thrilla Gorilla
at Six Flags Marine World

Connie survives a Spin 'n Puke

Bouchard/Elder Clan Invades
Six Flags Marine World

Judy and Mitch in front of the hall
our great-grandfather built in 1890

Moved next to Bolato Park outside
Hollister in 3 pieces and rebuilt

The Ancestral Family Reading Room?

Mitch Gets To Destroy
Chris's Picture Perfect Turkey


Paul Mueting at Magic Mountain's
DejaVu Coaster

Mitch Waited 3 Hours for "X"
Coaster before giving up...
Then rode it the next day!
 Click Here for X

Mitch Gets New Wheels
2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

Shelley Bright Has New Wheels
(and a new Digital Camera!)

Not to be Out Done
The Elders Get New Wheels

Jackson Goes To Iowa
And Comes Away a Biker!
(aka Jackson rides new wheels)

Mitch Visits the 3 Car Memorial
at NASCAR Cafe
Las Vega$ Sahara Casino

At the 8 Dale Jr Car
At The Seaworld Florida
Hospitality Building
South Lake Tahoe View

One of the best views in the world
from Harrah's Resort-Casino
(Heavenly view is better but it was too windy)

Karen and Mitch at
Margaritaville, Citywalk, Orlando

This is an older photo 
that I've Reposted
Jerry Mueting at Jocko's
PS -- He has new chompers now

Please Visit a Small Memorial to Jimmy Clarke & Mahlon Laing

My Big Brother -- Jim Laing

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