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Special Dates for the Month of October 2003
  8-Oct  Laura Kelley
15-Oct  Sean Lautz   (Bouchard)
16-Oct  Amy Petersen
24-Oct  Rick & Karen Rutledge
25-Oct  Chris Elder   (Bouchard)
26-Oct  Phil Mueting

The 2003
Pioneer Day Roping
Jim Laing Memorial
Buckle Presentation
Paso Robles Oct 4, 2003

Laing Family Photos
(with some Bouchard Family in here too)

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Crazy Glasses for
Pat Muetings
42nd Birthday

See even more
Big Eyed Faces
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Hot Day at Marine World

September 13 Marine World Group

100+ HOT and Crowded

Travis is the big winner

Charlie is Blue

Wyatt is Blue

Connie is Blue
SkyCoaster 150ft Flight

Mitch, Chris and Sean
1-2-3 NO, 1-2-3 GO!

Head Down Drop at the Start

We fly through the air
with the greatest of ease
Parasailing at Lake Tahoe - August 2003
The Bouchard Clan Invades Lake Tahoe

Floating High Above South Lake Tahoe

Chris Getting Ready to Fly

Mitch Splashes in Lake Tahoe
after an Extended Flight

We had so much fun we took
Sean and Courtney the next day

Sean and Courtney get Dipped

Yes they had a good time
Another Week at The Lazy "S" Lodge

The Lautz Family
Celebrating Art's 50th
Kathy, Art, Sean*
(* yes, he is that tall now)

Chris enjoys a rib... or twelve!!!

Munch'n Smores in the Sierras
Chris, Michelle, Sean, Connie

Smiling Abby at just about 7 months
International Diplomacy

Cameo gets flowers in Italy
from Chris Laing 

Abby was ready for the Fourth

And speaking of Fish Stories
Here's Chris with a big catch!

Paul Mueting making Fish Faces...
Practicing for The Great Donner Lake
Laing Family Reunion Fishing Derby

Brooke's First Birthday Portrait 

Shelley Bright in Red White Blue
(and Crown Royal purple)

True Getting Ready for The Great
Donner Lake Fishing Derby

Shelley's Catch
Ready for the BBQ

The Muetings and Brights gather
at Jockos for Judy's 29th (plus 30)

Judy blows out the singing candle

A rare shot of all 4 Mueting Children
Shelley, Paul, Phil and Pat

This is a True-Blue Truck

4 Generations of Brights soak up
the sun at The Paso Wine Fest

Brooke Knows What 
Birthday Cake is For (playing with!)

Trying to look like Grandpa Laing

4 Generations together in Kansas City
for an early birthday celebration

Mom gets to blow out the candle
(remember, it's her birthday too)

Schools Out For Summer!
Schools Out For Ever!
(in 12-16 more years Daric...)

Wet Dogs are Happy Dogs

Cindy and Daric on a fieldtrip
to beautiful Russell

Courtney showing Grandpa Mike
how to Compute while Connie mugs

The Laing Boys Invade Hawaii
and bring Mom back "a stupid T-Shirt"
(No way these three are related)

Brianna and Tiffany chomp down on
Beef Rib Bones at Jocko's while
Uncle True Watches

Chris and Cammeo
Dressed "to the nines"

Eric and Laura
Looking Equally as Elegant

Brooke at 11 months
Ready for Easter and her Birthday

True with his new wheels
(click image to see the WHOLE truck)

And for his birthday a Sterling Marlin
Coors Light #40 Racing Jacket
This space reserved for Mitch's new Jacket (a present from Shelley and Judy) 

Maggie and Blue Dog pose
in Shelley Bright's Spring Flowers

Daric and BJ
Up to Trouble Obviously

Daric and Andrew
Enjoy a Spring Day

Eric Curran and Chris Laing
Cousins on the (ski) Run

Andrew Laing's new look

David and Daric yuck it up

Maybe there's a reason Shelley
was named Marilyn!
(On the Left, Marilyn Clark Laing
On Right her Granddaughter Marilyn "Shelley" Mueting Bright)

Sean starts his 8th ride of the day
on Medusa (a personal record)

Mitch out front on Medusa at
Six Flags Marine World for his 48th

Abby at 3 Months
Born for a camera!

Brooke at 9 Months
Just as sweet as ever
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