Laing Family Reunion 2003
We had one very fun and exciting week



Reunion Schedule

The Laing Family Reunion V
Donner Lake, California
July 20 – 27, 2003
Time moves so fast! It really is time again for a Laing Family reunion! In attempting to put a final note out to the family about our coming event, I have read through everyone’s various e-mails.  I was so touched by Mitch’s reflections on time since we were last together that I am putting them here for all to see again.  After all, why try to improve on brilliant and thoughtful work? 

Mitch wrote on August 25, 2002: “… The world as we knew it in 1998 is permanently altered. Two Towers captured in a photo from Liberty Island with Carol and Cindy no longer exist today. We all have a bit longer to wait in line at the airports. Some of us have even less hair, larger bellies, sore feet and other assorted ailments we won’t discuss …  we’ve had many wonderful additions to our large extended family, and the loss of one major unforgettable influence in all of our lives.  We will never forget those that can no longer be with us in body because they are forever with us in memory and spirit and will be with us, not only at this gathering, but every time two or more members of this family are together.  …”

It really is all about family.  And this Laing bunch is a good one.  It’s time to meet again; get reacquainted; kiss and hug all the new babies; and celebrate the fact that we are, and always will be, FAMILY!

40 Adults and 9 kids are confirmed to join us in 2003! It’s important to note, in this specific context that  the term “kid” refers to any person who is 10 years of age or younger.  Level of maturity is not taken into consideration when we classified this count!!!
Who’s coming from California: Uncle Bob, Aunty Joyce. Karen, Rick, Christine and Sarah. Uncle Bob and Aunty Marg. Tim and Laura. Jerry, Traci and Jackson.  Mitch and Karen. Jerry and Judy. Paul and Tammie. Shelley and True. Jimmy, Tracy, Juno and PD. Micky, Delainie and their 3 kids.
Maybe: Pat and Phillip Mueting and maybe Crystal …
Total adults: 24  Total kids: 6
Who’s coming from Iowa and beyond: Sue and Gail. Steve and Kathy. Dennis, Carla and Brooke. Shelley and Scott. Chris, Jim, Adam and Eric. David, Cindy, Christopher, Andrew, BJ and Derrick.
Maybe Aunty Carol – we are all fighting over who she is going to stay with … we’ll see what she decides!! Maybe Curtis – he’s hoping work will call him back …
Total adults: 16  Total kids: 2 and Total babies: 1 -  Brooke!

This reunion is all about having fun all together! Without getting too structured and scheduled, some committees are forming to help orchestrate certain events throughout the week.  Please check out the list.  Join a committee and help in the fun.  Or start something new and unexpected!!!

Committee Leaders:
· Communications, Photographer and Bar Banker – Mitch Laing
· Creator of Name Tags – Laura and Karen Jo
· Great Games and Toys – Shelley Bright
· Game Show Night – Carla Laing and Dennis Laing as Guest Host
· Banker – Karen Jo
· Dinner Menu Organizers – Tim and Laura Kelley
· Breakfast on the Beach – Bob Kelley, Tim Kelley, David Laing, Dennis Laing

· Dinner fees - 
o Adults (11 years and older)  $32.00 per adult ($8.00 per night  x 4 dinners)
o Kids (3 to 10 years) $12.00 per Kid ($3.00 per night x 4 dinners)
· NOTE:  There are 4 official dinners scheduled plus a “left- over  dinner” for Saturday night. 2 nights are “On your own” for dinner.   Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks are with your own cabin. 
·  The Happy Hour Bar will be managed by a separate banker: Mitch and committee.

· Beach Fees – Approximately $3.00 each! This will be a donation to the Donner Lake Homeowners private beach.

· Boat /SeaDoo Gas Fees – There will be a donation can so you can donate to the Gas fund (for those of you who play). 

Possible Events:
Hiking/biking   Ping Pong Playing  Chatting/ Laughing
Sun and Swimming  Volley Ball / Croquet Shopping / Eating
Late night games  River Rafting   Squaw High Camp
Casino Trips   Golfing   Fishing

Helpful Phone Numbers:
Joyce and Bob … on Conifer  (530) 587-4483
Kelley/Klarsfeld Cabin … 10335 Aspen (Corner of Fir) (530) 587-7205
Traci’s cell phone:  (831) 902-5484  and Jerry’s cell phone: (831) 212-5801
Karen Jo Cell phone:  (831) 970-3645
Mitch's Cell phone:  (707) 975-1541
We’ll create a master cabin list of address and local phones – once we arrive and find out the answers!

You know you are a real “ Laing” if the following it true:  From “365 Reasons to Eat Chocolate” 
If you serve chocolate pie at a family reunion, 
You’ll have at least one thing the whole crew will agree on.

Laing Family Reunion V
Schedule of Events
Saturday night and into Sunday noon time – family arrives
5 pm   Happy Hour
6 pm   Dinner  # 1    Solazzi/Rutledge/ Mueting Sr.’s- Lasagna !!!!
10 am   Send a cabin representative to the Kelley cabin for $$$   banking and menu planning.  Coffee provided. 
11 am    Beach Meeting – not required!! anyone meet up and discuss  all the fun options for the week while working on our tan!!! 
4:30 pm  Happy Hour & Family Photos - 2003
6 pm        Dinner # 2 & Birthday Celebration for Jackson (4) and JK(5??)                Kelley / Klarsfeld
11 am  Truckee River Raft Trip and BBQ at River Ranch
6 pm   Dinner on your own
Jim, Adam and Eric return home to get ready for the fair… Good luck!
am  Ski boat and Seadoo – play time at the beach
5 pm  Happy Hour 
6 pm   Dinner # 3
7:30 pm   “The NSNN” Game Show !!!
Sue returns to Iowa.
8 am   Breakfast at the Beach
11am  Depart to High Camp at Squaw Valley (Hiking, Ice Skating, Swimming/sunning/ Jacuzzi, music, BBQ)
5 pm  Dinner on your own
am  Ski boat and Seadoo – play time at the beach
4 pm   Croquet Tournament and Picnic
5 pm   Happy Hour
6 pm   Final Dinner all together #4
Early morning - Some more of our family must return home ….
5 pm  Happy Hour
6 pm  Official Left-Over night – Dinner # 5
Time for packing and cleaning and final good byes – the party ends tomorrow.

Laing Family Reunion July 20-27 2003

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Swinging Cousins

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Photos from 2001 multi-family Holiday week after July 4th at Donner Lake

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