Agfa 1280 Digital Camera Sample Photographs

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1280 x 960 (The Highest) Resolution (754-814kb avg)
1024 x 768 (780 High) Resolution (454-524kb avg)
1024 x 768 (780 Standard) Resolution (365-404kb avg)
640 x 480 (307 High) Resolution (184-215kb avg)
640 x 480 (307 Standard) Resolution (140-167kb avg)
One of those Beanies is born on my birthday... can you guess which one?

External Flash Test

External Flash Setting Medium 100

Direct Flash Using Built-In Camera Flash

You Can See Flash Off Ceiling in Reflection

Direct Flash Using Built-In Camera Flash

My old Vivitar with Slave. Bounced off Low Accoustic Ceiling. On "Blue" and referencing ISO-100. Agfa at Medium-100.
(Vivitar 285 Zoom Flash with SL-2 Slave Attached. I have also tested with the 283, and the Handle/L-Bracket attached)
The Studio...

Sheet drapped over the CD player, push-penned to the wall.
This was a bit too high so the (larger) Tripod was placed ontop the coffee table to elevate it as one leg won't extend the whole way.
(This shot is a Direct Flash zoomed in off camera)
Bounce has the head is pointed toward the ceiling to filter back down. The on-flash sensor remains pointed at the subject to make a semi-correct exposure.
(The 285 allows various preset power options that I did not test)

No furniture was harmed during this testing.

Cropped and Enlarged Examples of Beanie Bears
780 High
Cropped and Enlarged
780 Standard
Cropped and Enlarged
 307 High
Cropped and Enlarged
 307 Standard
Cropped and Enlarged

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