Agfa 1280 Digital Camera Sample Photographs


Sample Photographs Using The Camera Pictured Above...
(I don't have any of the lenses shown at right!)

Comments and Reasons

Wide Shot 38mm

Normal Shot

Telephoto Shot 114mm

Testing Blue Colors

Testing Red Colors

This Colorful Lady Walked By

Wide Shot 38mm

Telephoto Shot 114mm

Howard Spillers' last Work Day

Beltane Ranch, Sonoma Valley


Harmful Household Solvents 
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The Above Photographs Are From An Agfa 1280 Digital Camera That I Am Testing. 
These Photos Are Intended To Be Informative, and Mostly For Enjoyment & FUN! 
            (They are not for profit or paid-promotion of any kind

© The Laingster, 1999
This page is current as of February 4, 1999
Beyond That, Links, Underware and Opinions May Have Changed
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