Agfa 1280 Digital Camera Sample Photographs


The January '99 Blue Moon Setting Over The Valley Of The Moon

This site is bursting with sample photographs using the AGFA ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera. Most have been reduced in size to open a bit faster and resampled to 72 for screen resolution. (Obvious exceptions retain full or different resolution)
I will list settings on comparison shots only, but if you email me with specific questions, I'll reply to the best of my ability.
Page 2 has Photos with Resolution Tests that have not been resampled.
At the bottom of the third page I have some Personal Comments & Reasons for purchasing this camera, as well as a list of other cameras I was considering.
Links and Sites that you may be interested in venturing off to.

The second shot with this new camera
(The first picture woke her up, and she obviously wasn't too happy about that)

Is She Ready for #4?

Cotati -- Accordian Capitol

Blue Sky Peeking Through

Beanie Macro Mania

Overcast Day

Wide Shot

Telephoto Shot

About 45mph at 1/500 Shutter Speed

Macro Mode
(BTW -- This is a good battery charger)

The Gang Coming For A Handout

Damn Goose Attacked My Pant Leg!

Another Page of Exciting Agfa Digital Photos
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The Above Photographs Are From An Agfa 1280 Digital Camera That I Am Testing. 
These Photos Are Intended To Be Informative, and Mostly For Enjoyment & FUN! 
            (They are not for profit or paid-promotion of any kind)
© The Laingster, 1999
This page is current as of February 4, 1999
Beyond That, Links, Underware and Opinions May Have Changed
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