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Yankee Services has been making things happen for its customers since 1988.

With the turn of the century we find our world heading in a new direction. The Internet and the World Wide Web are becoming a major part of our lives. In the world of advertising, the WEB is a whole new market with changes and innovations happening on a daily basis. More and more companies, large and small, are opening up WEB sites to tout their wares, provide information or offer free services. Individuals are putting up home pages to tell about themselves or provide lists of their favorite links. As more homes and families get connected to the Net, this type of media becomes ever more valuable.

Yankee Services is your one-stop graphic design and WEB page creation provider. Whether we design the graphics for you or you furnish them, you can be sure of a finished product to be proud of. Small businesses and individuals are our specialty but we are equipped to handle any size job. We offer site maintenance at reasonable rates as well as training for those who wish to maintain their own pages. From start to finish your WEB page could be up and running in about a week.

Since Yankee Services is a small operation we can create WEB sites at far less cost than you might imagine. Cost is determined by how much material is provided by the customer (graphics and text) and by how much is created by Yankee Services. Of course the more pages that are required for a site the more expensive it is to create. Photos and artwork will be provided by Yankee Services if desired.

For more information on what it might cost you to put up your own WEB site send a message to Mike Delaney at mdelaney@vom.com. Please include a day and evening phone number so that I can call you to discuss your plans.


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