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Art Gallery

Elvis Descending A Staircase
A tribute to my main man Marcel Duchamp and his famous Nude Desending A Staircase.

According to the Laws of Chance
I took this idea from Dadaist Hans Arp.

I picked a bunch of fallen ginko leaves, dropped them by chance on the colored paper, and then drew the outline of each fallen leaf. I did use artistic decision-making to color the leaves differently and use some PhotoShop filters.

This is a color pencil drawing I did while on vacation in Florida. Unfortunately, it didn't quite all fit on the scanner.

Cubist Carnation
I drew this carnation and its cubist space with color pencil, scanned it, and added some PhotoShop filters.

Christmas Cactus
I caught my Christmas cactus on its day of maximum bloom in November, 2001. Color pencil and PhotoShop filters.

Fall Landscape
A landscape of Sonoma showing the back side of the Sebastiani Theatre and some lovely clouds over Sonoma Mountain.

Amaryllis Woodcut
From my Mom's yard in Florida and my Dad's digital camera. Jacked through a mess o' PhotoShop so it looks like a 19th Century woodcut.

What if Captain Video and the Space Ranger shot down the Hindenberg?

I did at church camp, a tribute to American Dadaist Man Ray and an attempt to convey the third and fourth dimensions in the second.

This is a JPEG of a FreeHand file from a crayon drawing I created to show multiple ways of depicting a color field without using a solid color (does that make any sense?).

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