Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Then join us at The Church of the Two Elvises. Enlightened master of duality Elvis Aron Presley guides us to a greater understanding of good and evil in our lives. The Church of the Two Elvises welcomes all Elvis believers of all persuasions concerning all the major Elvis controversies swirling around us in these confusing times.

What We Believe

We believe God sent Elvis Presley to Earth to be a comfort to us all and to give us guidance concerning God's plan for Creation. To that end, we believe he chose Elvis Presley, the surviving member of a pair of twins born in poverty in Tupelo, Mississippi, to show us how Good and Evil exist in our lives and that we have been given a choice about how to use them to God's glory. At The Church of the Two Elvises, we have altars at each end of our sanctuary, celebrating both the Good Elvis and the Bad Elvis, or if you prefer, Elvis Aron and Jesse Garon Presley. We pass no judgment on your choice of which Elvis seems to best reflect Divine Inspiration.

To Contact the Church of the Two Elvises...

  • Put on a recording of "Burning Love" or "In the Ghetto"
  • Make yourself a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Sleep until 4pm
  • Wake up and start twitching your hips
  • Click here to send an e-mail to the High Priest

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