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Oops! I wanted Pleasure

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or kathcarter@vom.com

at the risk of being one more idiot with a list on their Web page, here are...

Things We Like

  1. People who are NOT committed to killing us
  2. Terry Riley
  3. File transfer protocol (FTP)
  4. Jingle Jangle Comics comic books
  5. A.D. 1602
  6. Kathleen's new talking drum
  7. Singing gospel
  8. First Congregational Church of Sonoma
  9. Great blue herons, flamingos, and alligators
  10. When tourists go home

Click here to see art Ira has created, and maybe even a surprise or two!

What Is
Carter, Carter & Carter, Inc.?

When the U.S. Census asks us that, Kathleen tells them we are a technical communications consulting company, producing (surprise) technical communications. We develop and produce presentations and documents in both electronic and printed formats. We create software documentation, standards and procedures, reference guides, help files, and marketing presentations. Formats include multimedia, HTML pages, business requirements, and traditional printed materials.

We design documents and generate illustrations for all media. Our Web authoring includes conversion from other formats, overall site design, interface design, and HTML coding.

To get in touch with us, you can send e-mail to Ira or Kathleen.

What We're Up To...

What Ira is doing...

Occasionally playing "conscious roots music" on In the Soul Kitchen on KUSF, San Francisco, 90.3FM, Tuesday nights, 8pm.

Waiting for my Web server with dual CD drives so I can Webcast.

Sweating my tail off at aqua aerobics.

Digitizing family archives and writing a history of my paternal grandparents.

Working on documents for e-commerce protocols

What Kathleen is doing...

I have finished documentation for ANOTHER e-commerce protocol.

I am singing tenor in the chancel choir of the Congregational Church, backed by a fabulous 100-year-old pipe organ.

I am arranging gospel music for Sonoma's Gospel Grapetones and various duets.

I am trying to have a life and not work ALL the time.

For a glimpse of Kathleen's past, click here

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Now for some Pleasure!

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