In June of 1846, thirty three men rode into Sonoma, California and proclaimed it as an independent republic. One of their first actions for their new nation was to design and hoist a flag.

There is some dispute among historians and vexillologists (people who study flags) as to the exact design of the new flag. Later, the flag of the United States was hoisted by Lt. Joseph Revere of the United States Navy on July 9, 1846.

Below are some actual and/or reconstructed designs known to us today. The pictures are courtesy of Bellerophon Books of Santa Barbara, California and the text was written by James J. Ferrigan III of Sonoma, California.

Todd Flag

Storm Flag

Semple Flag

Revere Guidon

Ide Flag

Swasey Flag

McChristian Flag

Pio Pico Flag

Fremont Flag

City Flag

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