Bear Flag Republic and First U.S. Flag from Twelve Flags of California, The Cedric Boeseke Memorial.

The flags of Peter Storm , Dr. Semple , Joseph Revere, William Ide , Swasey , Fremont, Pio Pico, and other flag illustrations are from Rosie and the Bear Flag , by Harry Knill, Bellerophon Books, Santa Barbara.

Text for the flag pages was provided by James J. Ferrigan III of Sonoma, California.

Old Sonoma, Invitation, A. Bates, Akers, Harasztsy, Mission, Vallejo bust from The People of the Pueblo , by Celeste G. Murphy, Binfords & Mort, Published Portland, Oregon. 1937.

Maps from A History of the Californias, by Philip S. Rush, San Diego, CA: Nezenesch Printers, Inc., 1958.

"Original" flag from The Sonoma Mission, by Robert S. Smilie.

Additional editing by Joseph N. Staub of Sonoma, CA.

Silhouette from Wild Oats in Eden, by Harvey D. Hansen and Jeanne T. Miller, POB 1, Kenwood, CA 95452.

Carson-Fremont from Pioneer Sonoma, by Robert D. Parmalee, Sonoma Valley Historical Society, 1972.

Sloat, Kearney, Montgomery, and Fremont from Life of the late Rear-Admiral John Drake Sloat, by Major Edwin A. Sherman, Carruth & Carruth Printers 1902.

History summary by Bill Mandel of the San Francisco Chronicle, for the Bear Flag Sesquicentennial Committee.


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