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Using Outlook Express to filter SPAM

Due to the preponderance of junk/spam mail here is a way to utilize the Message Rules feature of Outlook Express 5 to filter much of that.Below are some screenshots of Outlook Express 5 which show how to set up basic filtering of what might be called junk mail. Most junk or spam mail arrives in your mailbox but it has a particular 'To' addressing to something other than your own specific e-mail address. This happens with legitimate mail lists and spam alike.What is shown below will only allow mail that is addressed to specific e-mail addresses. The ability to include legitimate lists and carbon copies (CC) is slightly different. The examples here are for single and multiple e-mail addresses.

When you are in Outlook Express 5 go to 'Tools' then 'Message Rules' then select 'Mail' as shown below.

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Next, in the 'New Mail Rule' window check the box for 'Where the To line contains people'. If you want messages that are carbon copied to you, also select 'Where the CC line contains people'. Remember that some spam is sent by carbon copying to you as are legitimate carbon copies from valid addresses. Go down to the 'Rule Description' and select 'contains people' in blue.

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Now enter your email address and select 'Add' If you have a second e-mail then enter that and select 'Add' again.

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Now select the 'Options' button.

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Select 'Message does not contain the people below' then 'OK' and then 'OK' again.

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For multiple addresses the 'Rule Condition Options' box looks like this

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Now select 'Delete It'. This will put unwanted mail in your 'Deleted Items'folder. Alternatively you could check 'Delete from server' but for the time being just select 'Delete It' and you can look in your 'Deleted Items' folder to make sure your not losing anything you think that you should be receiving.

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You should see the new rule here and now just select 'OK'

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For any questions call Ron or Rob at 707-935-6316